I'm educated at The National Filmschool Of Denmark and graduated the summer of 1999. I 've done sound (both as production mixer and post-production) on nine feature films, thirty shortfilms, seven documentaries and one animation. I've been responsible for sound post-production on seven feature films, about six shortfilms and fifteen documentaries, and production mixer on four features, ten shortfilms and eight documentaries. I've been assistant on a lot of movies and done a dozen commercials. In the column on the right there's a selection of titles I've done. For several years I was working at a radiostation - as a producer of programs and shows and I've done engineering. I've also done a small amount of musicproduction.

I have Schoeps microphones and portable harddisc recorder for rental.
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Last Updated: 3th of February 2016


A Conspiracy of Faith (2016)
Hans Petter Moland, featurefilm (Zentropa)

Satisfaction 1720 (2016)
Henrik Ruben Genz, feature film (Nimbus Film)

Emma and the Santa Claus (2015)
Søren Frellesen, feature film (Deluca Film)

Bridgend (2015)
Jeppe Rønde, featurefilm (Blenkov & Schønnemann)

The Miracle (2013)
Simon Staho, feature film (XX film/Zentropa)

Ghost Of Piramida (2012)
Andreas Kofoed, documentary (Kofoed film/ Rumraket)

The Girl In The Water (2011)
Jeppe Rønde, shortfilm (Bacon), Best shortfilm Robert 2012

Love is in the air (2011)
Simon Staho, featurefilm (XX film)

Expo - the Danish Pavillion (2010)
Martin De Thurah, short films (Bacon)

Warriors of Love (2009)
Simon Staho, feature film (XX film)

Anja og Viktor in sickness and health (2008)
Søren Frellesen, spillefilm, (Regner Grasten Film)

Dancers (2008)
Pernille Fischer Christensen, feature film (Zentropa)

Boy Meets Girl (2007)
Søren Frellesen, shortfilm (Blenkov&Schønnemann), Best shortfilm Robert 2008

Daisy Diamond (2007)
Simon Staho, feature film (XX film)

Out (2006)
Daniel Dencik, shortfilm (Blenkov&Schønnemann)

A Soap (2005)
Pernille Fischer Christensen, featurefilm (Nimbus), Silverbear og best debut at Berlinale 2006, Nominated for best sound Robert 2006

Chinaman (2005)
Henrik Ruben Genz, featurefilm (Fine&Mellow Prod)

The Swenkas (2004)
Jeppe Rønde, documentary (Cosmo Doc),
In competition Amsterdam 2004, Winner best documentary Robert 2005, Guldok2005 winner

A Family At War (2004)
Jørgen Flindt Pedersen, documentary (Hansen og Pedersen Film)

Jerusalem My Love (2003)
Jeppe Rønde, documentary (Cosmo),
In competition Amsterdam 2003

Wolfsummer (2003)
Peder Norlund, feature film (Northern Lights)

Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself (2002)
Lone Scherfig, feature film (Zentropa)
Best Danish Movie 2002 (Politiken)

Down on earth (2002)
Max Kestner, docu series (DR,Net-produktion),

Habibti my love (2002)
Pernille Fischer, short film (Nimbus),
Best Short Film Robert 2003 Best Danish Short Film Odense Filmfestival 2002

Charlie Butterfly (2001)
Dariusz Steiness, feature film (Zentropa)
Nominated for best sound Robert 2002
Audience prize at Mannheim International Filmfestival 2002

Dogme 12: Italian For Beginners (2000)
Lone Scherfig, feature film (Zentropa)
Silver Bear, FIPRESCI and two other prizes at Berlin Film Festival 2001.

Talk Radio(2000)
Dorte Høegh Brask, documentary (Hansen & Pedersen Film)
Best Short Docu Robert 2002, Best Portrait Film at Odense Filmfestival 2001, Prize at Nordisk Panorama 2001

Ude Af Rute (1999)
Jakob Grønlykke, short fiction (Produktionselskabet)

Indien (1999)
Pernille Fischer-Christensen, fiction (The National Filmschool of Denmark)
My graduationfilm, Third Prize at Cinefondation Cannes 2000
Special Jury Price at Tel-Aviv International Student Filmfestival 2000
Young Talent- and Humanist award at Munich International Festival of Filmschools 2000


You and Me Forever (2012)
Kaspar Munk, spillefilm (Nimbus),
Assistent sound supervisor, re-recording mixer

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) David Fincher, spillefilm (Sony)
Sound effect recordist

Ronal Barbaren (2011)
Torbjørn Kristoffersen, (Einstein Film)
Foley recordist, additional re-recording mixing

Undskyld Jeg Forstyrrer (2011)
Henrik Ruben Genz, spillefilm (Fine&Mellow Prod),
Re-recording mixer, Foley recordist

10 timer til Paradis (2011)
Mads Mathiesen, (Beofilm),
Foley recordist

Dreams in Copenhagen (2009)
Max Kestner, documentary (Cosmo Doc),
Re-recording mixer

Hush Little Baby (2009)
Hella Joof, featurefilm (Fine&Mellow Prod), Foley recordist and re-recording mixer

Love & Rage (2009)
Morten Giese, spillefilm (Zentropa)
2. unit production mixer, re-recording mixer

Young Man Falls (2007)
Martin de Thurah, short film (Tju-bang film), Tonemester opptak, foley opptak, Best short fiction Robert 2008

Easy Skanking (2006)
Hella Joof, featurefilm (Fine&Mellow Prod), Foley recordist

Pure Of Heart (2006)
Kenneth Kainz, feature film (Fine&Mellow Prod), Foley recordist and re-recording mixer, Nominated for best sound Robert 2006

Doxa (2005)
Leif Magnusson, feature film (Auto Images), Sound effects editor and re-recording mixer

Big Plans (2004)
Jesper W. Nielsen, feature film (Angel Film), Sound editor and Foley Recordist

Dag och Natt(2004)
Simon Staho, feature film (Zentropa), Dialogue editor, Nominated for best sound Robert 2005

Oh Happy Day (2004)
Hella Joof, feature film (Fine&Mellow Prod), Dialogue editor

Aftermath (2004)
Paprika Steen, feature film (Nordisk Film), Dialogue editor

Nasty Brats(2003)
Giacomo Campeotto, feature film (Crone-film), sound effects editor, Re-recording mixer
Nominated best sound Robert 2004

Zafir (2003)
Malene Vilstrup, feature film (Zentropa), Dialogue/Foley editor, Re-recording mixer

I Am Dina
Ole Bornedal, feature film (Nordisk Film), Sound Editor
Best Sound Robert 2003

Dogme 18: Truly Human (2000)
Aake Sandgren, fiction feature film (Zentropa)
Best Danish Film 2001, Politiken

Lost Weekend (1999)
Dagur Kari, fiction (The National Filmschool of Denmark)
Production mixer. Best shortfilm at Nordic Panorama 1999.

The Humilated (De Ydmygede) (1998)
Jesper Jargil, documentary about "The Idiots" (Jargil-film)

Catpiss (Kattepiss) (1994)
Eduardo Lamora, feature-film (Ikon-films)
Recorded on my own Nagra3.


In Real Life (2011)
Jonas Elmer, spillefilm (Sebasto)

Magtens Fyrster (2009)
Oliver Ussing, feature film (Bullitt)

Lulu (2009)
Natascha Arty, Carsten Myllerup, TV-series (Fine&Mellow Prod),

Blekingegade banden (2009)
Kenneth Kainz, Anders Riis, documentary, (Bastard Film)

En forelskelse (2008)
Christian Tafdrup, short film, (Nordisk Film)

Cat (Kat) (2000)
Martin Schmidt, feature film (Balboa)

2. juledag (2000)
Carsten Myllerup, short fiction (Cosmo-film)
Best Danish Short Film Robert 2002

Homo Sapiens (1999)
Henrik Ruben Genz og Jesper Jack, documentaries (DR, TV-Fakta)